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NEW Products

Purple Voodoo is actually a cross between THREE different strains. Double Purple Doja, Urkel and Purple Diesel! Very aromatic and provides a lazy, trance-like experience. Not a workday product.

Purple Voodoo

In this section we try to bring you information about the wide variety of Medicinal Marijuana that is available to the buying public.

Nuken is a combination of Kish and God bud, smelling VERY skunky and featuring purple highlights. Great for relaxing in the evening but is not recommended for work situations.


Satori is a cross of  Lucid Dreams and Sativa blends. It sports a honey-herbal flavor and in useful for expanding your perceptions. Very good for the creative smokers out there...


Slyder is the result of cross-breeding Afghani and Northern Lights. The result is VERY heavy, “Zombie”-like buzz and is NOT for the weak!. Very effective for anxiety and stress,,, DON’T go to work on this one!


Snow White, which is bred by Nirvana Seeds, is a hybrid of indica/sativa, and has a ratio of 65/35  . This particular strain is somewhat hard to find but offers a euphoric and nicely balanced, steady high.

Snow White

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